neděle 2. prosince 2012

Demo Day Presentation

So I was rpeparing for the D-Day, trying to prepare something a bit more interesting than regular presentation. So I asked my friend to help me out iwth that and we created a story to show how important could the application be.

Also there is another case when the application could almost save a life:

pondělí 19. listopadu 2012

About Fall Detection

The application was created as a final work for my bachelor studies on CTU in Prague (Faculty of Electrical Engineering). Purpose of the application is to detect a fall of owner of the cellphone and alert competent authority e.g. relatives or friends via SMS or Twitter. There is an option to acquire a location where the accident happened. If such option is used it will be sent in the message or tweet with google maps link and accuracy.

The thesis is accesible here (CZECH):

Application can be downloaded here: